Sunbit Financing

Are you worried about your dental health? Have you been putting off needed procedures due to a temporary lack of funds? If so, you should look into Sunbit financing to ensure that you receive the dental care that you need, when you need it.

Delaying needed dental care becomes costly.

Many patients believe that they are saving money when they postpone the dental treatments and procedures. Unfortunately, things rarely get better on their own. That small cavity eventually grows into a larger cavity and a dental abscess, requiring a root canal procedure. As a result, gingivitis goes untreated and progresses into periodontitis – an irreversible form of gum disease that can cause the loss of teeth.

Even routine dental appointments like dental exams and cleanings can affect your long-term health if you neglect them. Preventative care is a necessary expense that protects your health and pocketbook down the road.

What is Sunbit?

Sunbit is a financing technology that allows you to receive needed dental care today and pay tomorrow.

Sunbit features:couple smiling | sunbit financing

  • Up to 90% approval rate.
  • Fast application process.
  • Applying has no effect on your credit.

Sunbit is a type of dental financing technology that allows you to pay for your dental needs and services. The dentist is paid upfront, and you pay later. Loans are provided by Transportation Alliance Bank, which determines financing qualification and credit terms.

Credit Check 

As you probably know, credit rating agencies monitor new applications for credit, which can potentially have a negative impact upon your credit score. When applying for Sunbit dental financing, a soft credit check will be performed to determine your eligibility. Moreover, a soft credit check will not negatively impact your credit score.

Initial Payment

When your purchase is finalized, you will be making a down payment, which is then applied to your total purchase cost.

Types of Payments

Any down payment that is needed should be made at the time of your purchase. You can pay using a debit card. In certain situations, you have the choice of making your monthly payments with a check or money order. 

On your predetermined due date, your funds will automatically be withdrawn. Moreover, the debit card that you signed up with will be used for processing.

Feel free to make early payments at any time. No fee is involved with these kinds of payments.

Changing Your Due Date

With Sunbit, you have the ability to change your due date. In addition, after changing your due date, all subsequent payments will be due on the date that you set. 

For More Information

Still undecided? Please contact us  to request additional information about how Sunbit financing can help! New patients are welcome.